My great news

So last week I got some amazing need, after a top to toe PET scan my results came back clear. Biggest sigh of relief in history!! I am now officially NED ( no evidence of disease). We did a little happy dance and rang everyone to tell them the good news 😍 Collecting the children from school that day was epic. Daniel was so happy he actually cried and Niamh was lost for words, which never happens. So I also went to see Robbie in 3D assist Tallaght IT. These guys are awesome. They 3D print arms for people. They have never done an adult arm before and they are getting a new 3d printer so they can produce one that’s long enough. Check out their page they do amazing things. I spent a long time asking them questions because it’s so fascinating. I opted for a bright pink one. If they don’t have pink I told them to surprise me. I had so many reasons to be happy the last couple of weeks. I have my newly adapted car, I am NED, I got my prosthetic arm, got to have my first night out since the operation which was a bit daunting but it was great fun and I’ve had lots of quality time with family and friends. Oh and my hairs really starting to come back! #lifeisgood

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